Choosing the Right In-Memory Computing Solution

As in-memory computing (IMC) gains momentum across a wide range of applications, from fintech and ecommerce to telecommunications and IoT, many companies are looking to in-memory computing solutions to help them process and analyze large amounts of data in real time. However, the variety of in-memory computing product categories and solutions can be confusing, making it difficult to determine which solution is best for a particular application.

In-memory computing products generally fit into the following four categories:

• In-memory options for disk-based databases

• In-memory databases

• In-memory data grids

• In-memory computing platforms

This white paper reviews why in-memory computing makes sense for today’s fast-data and big-data applications, dispels common myths about in-memory, and most importantly, clarifies the differences among these in-memory computing product categories to make the process of choosing the right IMC solution for a specific use case much easier.