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Fire up your IT department with 6 big ideas in digital transformation

This 49-page report features advice from IT executives at Nationwide, Hunter Douglas, Vanguard and more for using digital technologies to become more agile, more flexible and more profitable.

6 Big Ideas in Digital Transformation

If you're ready to kick-start your organization's efforts to embrace digital technologies, this editor-curated selection of Computerworld in-depth stories is the place to start. We identified some of our most targeted content on IT-led digital projects, chock-full of fresh ideas for making your organization more digitally competent. You'll read how savvy organizations in industries across the spectrum got serious about using digital technologies to gain a competitive edge, connect better with customers and improve efficiency.

What's Inside:

Transformation That's All About the Customer
Part business process redesign, part agile development, the new re-engineering is endless — just like customer demands. Smart companies are learning to please customers one at a time, all of the time.

Modernizing the Mail
The advent of email may have pummeled the U.S. Postal Service, but in the end, digital services might very well save the centuries-old agency.

IT and Operations on a Collision Course
Long autonomous, IT and operations are now forced to work together, spurred by increasingly complex digital devices that pose fearsome cybersecurity threats. Here's how organizations are making the marriage work.

Mobile Apps That Deliver ROI
These organizations are putting their mobile apps to the test, driving real ROI with lower costs and new revenue.

Promise and Peril in the Journey to DevOps
Steep learning curves, cultural warfare and unbridled criticism are among the land mines littering the path to DevOps. However, plenty of perks await organizations that complete the trek successfully.

Combating the Diversity Dearth With Analytics
Best known for driving hiring decisions and identifying skills gaps, data analytics can also deliver the visibility, workforce intelligence and employee engagement needed to improve the gender, ethnic and racial diversity of IT teams.

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