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eBook | Presented by Snow Software

ITAM Reimagined in a Hybrid World

Modernize Your ITAM Process

Meeting the Network Management Challenge

As operational complexities expand, customer expectations escalate, and security threats intensify, controlling and managing your IT network becomes exponentially more difficult.

eBook | Presented by Snow Software

Oracle Java Licensing

Understand how Oracle’s Java licensing requirements affect you

eBook | Presented by Microsoft

Smart Maintenance: Reduce Cost, Improve Quality, and Enhance Productivity

Learn about the smart maintenance model and find out how it can help you build a more resilient supply chain by adding remote condition-based monitoring, predictive maintenance, and cognitive maintenance to traditional reactive and preventive approaches.

eBook | Presented by LogicGate

The Definitive Guide to Risk Quantification

For decades, organizations have relegated risk to the back seat, struggling to leverage its power for influencing strategic business decisions.

eBook | Presented by RSA Security Inc

Five Ways To Transform Access and Secure the Digital Enterprise

The days of securing a well-defined perimeter around your organization are gone

eBook | Presented by Slack

How collaboration platforms are shaping the way we work

For many professionals, the initial transition to remote work last year wasn’t smooth sailing. The sudden switch brought a difficult mix of stress, isolation and whiplash.

eBook | Presented by Slack

Modern incident response

The digital world is open 24/7. So it follows that digital consumers expect IT and customer service to keep the same hours. These exceedingly high expectations mean that no issue is too small or common to frustrate customers, from broken code to site-wide outages.

eBook | Presented by Slack

Reinventing work: New imperatives for the future of working

We’re coming off one of the most challenging years in business history. The pandemic forced every company to accelerate its most important transformations: to do in a few months what it was on course to do in a few years (we explored this idea recently in “Navigating the Disruption of Work”).

Top Five Considerations For Building A Successful VDI Strategy

To make your VDI strategy a reality, desktops, applications, servers, storage, and networking all have to come together. Making the right decision begins with these five considerations.

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