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This SQL master class bundle is temporarily discounted to just $20

The Complete 2021 SQL Master Class Bundle features seven courses that introduce students to the dynamic world of the data sciences.

This JavaScript DOM course bundle is on sale for just $30 this week

Making a website isn’t as easy as it used to be. Twenty years ago, all you had to know was HTML, and that was probably good enough to get you started as a pro developer. These days, you need to know a little bit more. Actually, a...


Clariti is one collaboration tool to rule them all

Somehow, in the information age, information seems harder than ever to come by. Teams — especially remote ones — tend to work in silos, with collaboration made more difficult by every team within an organization doing things a...


Livestorm goes beyond video conferencing with a powerful video engagement platform

Empower your business with smart virtual tools for a virtual world.

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Just $20 to learn how MySQL, API’s, and forms fit into modern web development

The earliest websites were very simplistic. They passed along a bit of text-based information to the reader and, generally, that was it. Today, websites are dynamic portals of communication. And creating one is, by comparison, a...

Get a head start on your tech career training with this low cost RPi and Arduino bundle

There’s value in learning beginner-friendly programming and electronics platforms prior to embarking on advanced technical training. A lot of it, in fact. That’s why we’re offering The 2021 Raspberry Pi and Arduino Bootcamp Bundle...


Chewy Has Revolutionized Pet Care Customer Service

From shopping to healthcare, Chewy does it all for pets (and pet parents).


A guide to getting first-party data from your customers

In order to keep up with the demand for declared data, marketers must employ the right technology to gain access to this info without breaking consumer trust or regulations.

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Get a lifetime of CompTIA certification training today for just $50

Prepare yourself to earn coveted industry recognized credentials in cloud computing, security, networks, and more from the comfort of home.


Keep your business aligned remotely with Cloud ERP solutions

A cloud-based ERP can make your remote workforce more resilient.


Capital One Shopping helps you save money and time online

Use this simple, free, and easy-to-install browser extension to save when shopping online.

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This $5,000 Microsoft IT training bundle is just $70 right now

If you work in IT, then you’re probably in a constant state of retraining. After all, technology moves fast, and you need to be prepared to go along with it. But who has the time and money to go to school these days? Practically...


Clearcover makes switching car insurance an absolute breeze

Get better coverage at a lower price—all while enjoying a digital-only user experience from start to finish.


V2 Cloud is the simplest cloud desktop for a distributed workforce

Anyone can equip their remote workers with the speed, convenience, and security of a V2 cloud desktop to get their best work done.

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Upgrade your IT skills and learn how to fight cyber crime for just $30

The 2021 All-in-One Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Bundle introduces students to the concept of ethical hacking, so they’ll be equipped to find weaknesses in a network’s security before they’re exploited by actual criminals.

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Learn how to stop cybercrime with this low cost bundle, right from the comfort of home

The All-In-One Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle is ideal for IT professionals that want a low-key way to expand their skill set. And since each course is facilitated by a top-level cyber security pro, students will get a rare...

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This beginner-friendly web development coding course is just $20 right now

The Introduction to Coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript course is facilitated by the top rated International Open Academy and takes only five hours to go through, right from the comfort of home

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