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Co-workers use protective face masks and glass partitions in a post-COVID workspace.

When it’s time to return to the office, tech is key to success

As COVID-19 vaccines begin to roll out but remain months away for most office workers, companies want to know how to safely reopen offices and what the post-pandemic workplace will look like.

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Diversity and inclusion make IT stronger

In a year fraught with challenges and a spotlight on racial injustice, D&I has become a critical element for employee retention and engagement — and business success.

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In praise of IBM’s efforts to support its military veteran employees

The company's efforts to bolster and support workers who served in the military goes back decades. Other companies should take note.

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How to earn CCNA & CCNP certifications from the comfort of home

Web based course package, discounted by over 90%, offers pro-level training that’ll get you on your way to a better career

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This 22 course IT certification package is just $99 today

Receive over $4,300 worth of pro level training and earn credentials from CompTIA, Cisco, and more.

IDG Tech Spotlight  >  IT Leadership [ September 2020 ]

IT leaders grapple with the new normal

Five articles examine the challenges faced by leaders across all segments of IT – and the solutions that have made a difference.

IDG Tech Spotlight  >  IT Leadership [ September 2020 / Computerworld ]

How to sustain IT workplace culture — without the workplace

IT organizations are working hard to replicate their culture in the virtual world to keep employee engagement high and foster collaboration.

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Make way for the new head of remote work

Large organizations are suddenly hiring for a new position that will change your work life forever. Here's what you need to know.

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Flashback Friday: You’re welcome

There’s no winning this one.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Wayback Wednesday: No good deed goes unpunished

Self-serve is not our thing.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Flashback Friday: Let’s review: Step 1 …

I guess she was unclear on the concept.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Please hold for Nice Barney

He always gets up on the wrong side of the bed.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Wayback Wednesday: The ABCs, or the 1-2-3’s?

How simple do I have to make this?

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Train for your CompTIA Network+ and Linux+ for just $30

Web-based course bundle is flexible, affordable, and let’s you maintain physical distance without compromising career goals

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Wayback Wednesday: There’s always a smart aleck around

And they are so helpful on the help desk.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Memory-Lane Monday: Wherefore art thou CIO?

He’s a rose by any other name.

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Google, Facebook, SpaceX battle to connect remote workers

The coronavirus crisis is driving employees out of the cities and into remote areas where bandwidth is low or nonexistent. Google, Facebook, SpaceX and others all have a dog in this fight.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Memory-Lane Monday: It’s in the cards

But is the deck rigged?

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Wayback Wednesday: We call her Pointy Harriet

It’s a happy ending after all.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Memory-Lane Monday: The glass kind

And it’s leaking water, not memory.

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